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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Visiting Schools in China

Many people ask to visit schools in China AFTER they arrive in China. This is usually not quite possible unless it is arranged in advance and then is also a bit difficult. So many tourists would disrupt classes of course. When arranged in advance it is both educational for the students and interesting for the visitors. Above you see my friend Mr. Li, a guide and myself having lunch at Mr. Li's dairy farm located in the countryside near Xian. He wanted to show me the new school in the village where he was born as it is newly built and a far cry from the little one room school that he attended as a child. He pre-arranged my visit and you can see that the kids were all very happy to have a foreign visitor come to their new school.
Another place to visit when you have children with you or are just interested in what Chinese children do is the Children's Palace. These are schools where they teach classes in art, music, computer, dance, calligraphy and many other classes. There is also a sports school in Beijing that you can also visit and participate in some sports with the children. Both of these must have prior permits to visit but may be done through your tour operator when planning your tour. Tours to China is our business but bringing the culture to you is our passion.  Check out my web site at

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