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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Home Workshops in China

In China you will often hear about Home Workshops but tours seldom visit them. It is a great experience to visit home workshops as they are common in China especially in the rural areas or small villages. You find very unique crafts or products being made by families in their homes or small workshops. One I reported on earlier of a family of 8 generations making their famous Black Pottery in their home. What a fantastic find. Above while visiting Kashgar next to the Pakistan boarder area we went into one of the old Muslim neighborhoods and found this lady making her pottery from the local clay. Both pieces are beautiful and her family has always made pottery to sell to the local people as a second income. Jewelry, pottery, woven pieces, cloth, clothing etc. etc. are only a few of the items that you will find in home workshops. They make wonderful gifts and conversation pieces when we bring them home. The smile on her face was genuine and offered us tea and a wonderful visit to her modest home just glad to see foreigners interested in her pottery. She was so proud to hear that the pots we bought would be displayed in our kitchen...where they still are today. Customized private tours can take you to these special places when you are interested. We have been doing Tours to China for over 20 years. Let us do one to your special interests and needs too.

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