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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Earlier I wrote about the ART HOTEL which is one of the most unusual hotels in the world. The 300 acre complex with two hotels and the owners mansion is devoted to modern art and in particular Sculpture like the one above that had just been finished. The grounds has many large pieces in a natural setting and the museum is devoted to smaller pieces. The hotels themselves have rooms with no two alike and are decorated in modern art through out the hotels as well. There is one large building used by artists from around the world to work on their pieces which are often shipped to other parts of China or exported to other countries. I doubt that there is another place like this anywhere in the world. The luxury hotels have wonderful meals too. It is located in the countryside near Guilin and seldom crowded. As a Tour Operator to China I often have my clients stop here for lunch and a tour of the facilities or if they have a real zest for the unusual to stay overnight and experience the whole complex which can include dinner in a cave on the grounds or dinner in the middle of a meadow with water buffalo and fantastic scenery. I told you it was unusual. Check my web site at if you would like me to plan a tour just for you.

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