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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Culture Shows in China

There are many shows in China with some of them being excellent and some of them being very poor. Over 25 years I have seen most of them and always try to see the new ones when I am working in China each year. When in LiJiang the Naxi people have several shows. The best one I think is at the Dongba Palace. Group Tours often take you to a less expensive show but if you have a free evening you may want to go to the Dongba Palace Show which includes Dance as well as the Naxi Orchestra which they are best known all over the world. Above are photos from that show. In Xian there is the Tang Dynasty Show and again there are several shows but the best one is the Tang Le Gong Dinner Show which is a bit more expensive but my over 2500 clients judge it as excellent. In Shanghai one needs to go to the famous Shanghai Acrobats Show and again there are three of them but all are excellent. In Beijing I have enjoyed "The Legend of Kungfu" which is a colorful story of Kungfu rather than just an exhibition of kungfu. Many ask about the Peking Opera however the performances are very poor probably due to the fact that the Chinese themselves do not support it. It is mainly put on for the tourists and is in a hotel auditorium with little or no scenery with few actors. The best Peking Opera is the traveling troupe that goes from country to country. Tours to China is my business for 20+ years. Check my web site for more information.

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