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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

English Signs in China

As a Tour Operator to China on the internet for the past 25 years, I am asked many questions about travel in China. Ones of the questions is, "Are there signs in English". The answer is yes, as English is the second language in China being taught from the 3rd grade on. Also English has become the international language in many countries and China is no exception. Signs in sites, on the street, airports and hotels are often in Chinese and English. In restaurants in most cities you will find English/Chinese menus even though perhaps the waiter or waitress may not speak perfect English. Most restaurants however do have some personnel that do speak English to assist you. With that said, there are some great translations also in English that can be comical and you will enjoy them like solving a puzzle. Above is a sign "Be Careful of Landslide" Actually what is meant is that the "floor is slippery" as this sign I took a photo of was on the bathroom wall in my hotel room. This hotel was in the remote mountains far from the large cities. There are many others as well. When in hotels, there is a book in the desk which often has the rules of the hotel. I never have found out why one rule is "Do Not Bring Radio Active Materials into the Room" Or Do Not Eat Watermelon in the Room. It is just part of enjoying the culture and translated mistakes. They grin and smile when we call it a "Bathroom" The British of course call it the "Water Closet" and The Chinese simply call it the "Toilet". Enjoy the differences!  Doing Tours to China for over 25 Years!  

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