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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mansions of China

Prior to the revolution in 1949, there were Land Owners with large Mansions similar to the system in Europe that produced wonderful castles. Many of the mansions have become museums now or stand empty being used sometimes for movie sets. Most of these mansions are in remote areas of the countryside; however there are a few in cities like the Gao Family Mansion shown above. This mansion is in Xian and is over 400 years old. You can tour it when you go through the Old Muslim Quarters as the entrance is right on the main street shown above. There is a Shadow show and and Marionette Show too. This is a small mansion but there are many more much larger ones in other parts of the country. There are two near Taiyuan with over 200 rooms each. Outside of Chengdu is one of the better ones often used for movies since all the furniture was left when the Land Owners tried to escape leaving everything behind including their 1940's American made automobile. I have traveled through China for 25 years checking out everything in order to be able to provide the best tours for my clients who want to visit China but not just typical basic site tours.
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