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Friday, February 6, 2009

Chinese Food

As a China Tour Operator I often get questions concerning Chinese food. Unlike our Americanized Chinese food in the U.S. food in China is much different and such a variety you will not believe. Unfortunately if you are on a Group Tour with all or most meals included you may not have the opportunity to sample some of the great dishes. Group Tours must take tour members to restaurants that cater to groups and the food is a bit westernized and pre cooked to serve large groups. There is also a budget to consider as well. Private tours for 2 people are a bit better because you can go to any restaurant and we stay away from group restaurants which tend to be noisy and very busy. There is still a budget but at least your guide can find out what you can not eat or do not like. Breakfasts at the hotels are very large western and Asian food and lunches in China are as big as dinners...see the photo of a normal lunch above. I highly recommend that when you are in China that you go out on your own for dinner now and then with the guides suggestions on where to eat and then order on your own. It is easy as the menus are in English and Chinese. I supply a list of excellent restaurants to my clients for the larger cities however your guide will be your best source of information. One example for a light lunch in Beijing is the Beijing Old Noodle King for a fun lunch with the locals. For more information see my web site at

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