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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Children of China

When you are in China you will find the children very friendly and out going. Mostly they are curious about you and often say a few words of English that they have learned from T.V. or at school. Children start taking English lessons at about 9 years of age in school and they pick it up very quickly. British English is taught in the schools however American English is becoming very popular especially learning some American slang which they hear on t.v. I always carry some American made wrapped candy with me for special cases but it is not advisable to just pass it around to children wherever you go. In the large cities foreigners are all too common but in the countryside you will have encounters with many children who will yell out "Hello" to you. As you will see children are children the world over and respond well to recognition or a smile. If you have children with you while touring, take them to a city park and they will soon find new friends to play with and share in some Chinese games. A visit to a Children's Palace is extremely interesting. Chinese children go there after school to learn the arts, computer, dance, painting, music and many other after school activities. Prior arrangements need to be made and your tour operator can do this for you. The Athletic Schools in the large city often offer opportunities for kids to play sports after school as well. As a Tour Operator to China I often make these arrangements for my clients.

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