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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shortest Route to China

I taught a class on "Tips on Travel to China" at Community Colleges here in Seattle. People often ask me for recommendations on flights to China and when I tell them right here from Seattle they chuckle a bit. Note the map above or look at a globe. Los Angeles and San Francisco are further away than Seattle. There is a non-stop flight from Seattle up along the Canadian coast, past Alaska, over the Bering Sea for a short distance and then across Siberia and into Beijing. Shanghai and Hong Kong are a few hours longer. The flight from Seattle to Beijing non-stop is about 11 hours. In my over 60 trips to Asia I have flown many different airlines and with many different stops taking much longer. Hainan Airlines from China has a direct non-stop flights  from Seattle to Beijing with free return from Shanghai through Beijing if desired or low cost connection from Hong Kong with a stop in Beijing allowed. There are now direct non-stop flights from Chicago, Boston, and San Jose to Beijing too.  They have very low U.S. connection prices to Chicago and Seattle in connection with the international air tickets with free air from California and Oregon to Seattle for their international flight. New Direct flight to Shanghai from Seattle and San Jose direct flight to Beijing  Contact us for a quote from your city at  Click on the map for full screen view!

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