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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nature Tours New in 2010

We have been doing Tours to China for over 18 years expanding into the countryside as people continue to want to see more of China than the basic major sites. We have been doing a few remote Ecological China tours and find the demand to be more than expected. So now we will be introducing several short Nature Tours of 3 to 6 days each that can be taken as extension tours or linked together taking several of them at one time. We work directly with long time Chinese friends and associates who are knowledgeable about Ecological and Nature tours so we will be launching these in 2010on our web site in December. For an advance look there is a DVD available called "Wild China" available from It is the best we have seen and put together by the BBC. Our Ecological and Nature Tours will be going to many of the places that are shown on that DVD. I love Bonsai and above is a 500 year old Bonsai in a fantastic park in Guizhou province in a very remote area next to the largest waterfall in China. Another great Bonsai park is in Wuhan for any of you who chance to go there. For more information either continue to read my blog, check my web site or email me at

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