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Friday, June 19, 2009

New Catholic Church in China

Being Catholic myself, I have been interested in the church in China and always take the time to inform myself wherever I go. It isn't often you find a newly built church in China since for years new churches were forbidden. The church above in Guizhou province was falling apart from old age and neglect having been poorly built many years ago. This is a very poor area and the provincial government stepped in and built the new church you see above next to the old one which was built by missionaries in the 1800's. Priests come from the capital city of Guiyang each week to say mass. I was not able to enter the new church as it was not finished yet and doors were locked; but I visited with some of the local people at the old church and they gave me the background of what was being done. The government told them that they could have any materials from the old church if they tore it down themselves so anything that could be salvaged was being used. The people planned on making a beautiful garden on the old site once it was tore down. In Beijing all the churches are full each mass with standing room only usually so the church is active and alive in China. For more information or tips on travel to China please contact me at My friends call me..."ChinaDave"

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